To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. This installation guide will help you to install the WordPress.

The theme files can be uploaded in two ways: Through FTP or through WordPress dashboard.

Via Wordpress Dashboard

Navigate to Appearance → Add New Themes → Upload. Go to browse, and select the zipped theme folder. Hit Install Now and the theme will be uploaded and installed.


Using your FTP program, upload the non-zipped theme folder into the /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server..


Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Navigate to Appearance > Themes and activate the theme.


Wp-Fancy comes with an in build Gallery, which is presented on the left side of the page. The Gallery plugin uses focuspoint.js to let you choose the most important part of each of your images. So this area is always in the viewport on all devices. You can see a demo here.
Focuspoint Demo

To add a new gallery navigate to Galleries → Create.

On the next step set a name for your gallery. This name is only for you to find the right gallery for your page.

Add a new image to gallery

After added a gallery you can add images to it. Click Add on the Gallery Edit Page and choose an image of your media library or upload a new one. Your image should be at least full hd. Now if you added/choosed an image you can set a focuspoint to your image.

The focuspoint is very great for the responsive feeling of your image. You see the main part of the image always on every screen.

Sort images

You can easy sort the images of your gallery by drag drop it to your desired position.

Now after everything is set up for your gallery, you can choose directly in your post/page which gallery should be shown.

In the settings tab you can set a default gallery.

Custom Sidebars

Add Sidebar

To add a new sidebar navigate to Sidebars → Create.

After setting a name the sidebar is available in the Appearance / Widgets area.

Add Content to Sidebar

You can add all content to your Sidebar on the Widget Page. You can see a documentation here.

Set Default Sidebar

In the settings tab you can set a default sidebar.

Set Sidebar on a Page/Post

You can set a sidebar direclty in every page or post. To set it choose one of your generated sidebars on the right side and save the post/page.


Wp Fancy comes with build in support for the icon-font fontawesome. You can easily add icons via dropdown.


Additional it it possible to add an icon with a shortcode like this:

					[icon name="fa-plus-circle"]

A list of all icons can be found here:


Wp-Fancy comes with lot of styling options to let you design the page, without writing a line of css code.

If you want to change special things, you can use the "Custom CSS" Textarea.


To edit some of Wp-Fancys special features navigate to WPFancy. On this page you can edit some features of Wp-Fancy. For example change the logo, favicon, set the default gallery or sidebar and so on. Every settings has its own explanation and is self explaining.